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Our modern, stainless steel Green Wall systems bring a new dimension to garden design, giving homeowners and landscape designers the opportunity to create living walls, adding life to tired buildings, garden features and boundary walls.

ArabiaOffering great value for money, our systems are drawn from a range of precision-engineered components.  This provides real design flexibility and means that a system can be tailored to meet almost any dimensional requirements.

From entire walls to fans, narrow panels to L-shapes, a Green Wall can be simply created and installed, providing a new visual aspect to any garden project, large or small, and tying in easily with existing features such as columns, pergolas or summer houses.

Virtually maintenance free, fast and easy to install, the systems can be fixed to most standard structures, including timber, brick, concrete and steel. Different plant varieties can be accommodated; so too can different locations and fixings - and budgets.

Our experienced support team is available to provide advice on design, planting schemes, installation and simple maintenance procedures. We can even design complete irrigation systems for more complex projects!

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